"Welcome to the "Connecting Workshop

(Beshvil Hakesher)

The workshop that will bring you
closer to your teenager

Do you feel that your daughter is distancing herself from you?

Are you frustrated by your and your teenager’s busy schedules that leave you little time dedicated to just the two of you?

Have you lost eye contact with your adolescent who favors a connection with a screen?

What is the "Connecting Workshop"?

The “Connecting Workshop” is an experiential and challenging workshop

that develops listening, attending, cooperating, creative thinking and mutual understanding.

Besides, it’s so much fun!!

It generates a shared experience for parent and child,

it also provides tools for great communication.

The workshop is delivered in a light entertaining manner, with games and tasks

so that learning is through hands-on experience.

Without even noticing, you gain a number of additional tools that will serve you well in life.

4 hours of quality time with your child.


Who is this workshop for?

For parents with children from 6th grade and up,

who want to get closer and create a meaningful mutual experience.

Mother and daughter, mother and son, father and daughter, father and son,

parent and two children (not necessarily twins).

Parents who are looking for tools to manage the fluctuating moods of a teenager…

parents who want to give their children skills and tools

that will serve them throughout their lives.

What to expect at the "Connecting Workshop"?

Luxurious breakfast

Tasks that strengthen the bond and empower closeness

between parent and teen

A personal souvenir for all participants

The next workshop is on Friday


An investment of 450 NIS for two participants

DO you want to join us for an experience that will bring you two closer?

Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949

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Who are we?

"Beshvil" has been operating since 2007 and specializes in events and experiential tours, especially suited to the client’s needs.

We have vast experience in activities for 6th and 7th grade around the topic of Bnei Mitzvot.

Geography of Israel, nature, history and Jewish heritage are integrated into highly experiential activities, with puzzles and riddles specifically and personally adapted to the participants, enhancing the connection and empowering their shared experience.

If you are looking for a memorable value based activity, “Beshvil” is the perfect choice for you.


Who am I ?

Shavith Lifshitz - Founder and Director of Beshvil since 2007.
Tour guide, abseiling guide. Mother of four children and a wife.

Passionate about challenges and relentlessly seeking ways to connect experience and values.
Believes in bringing value and meaning to every action.

What previous participants had to say about their experience at the "Connecting Workshop"

To wonderful Shavith and Rinat ! Thank you for the amazing workshop in such a magical place, we left with an experience we will never forget and with insights that will serve for life. Quality time and the connection are important for both of us… it really was worth traveling across half the country for it… I will recommend it to my friends… and you dear friend were wonderful partners in the workshop. Shabbat Shalom.

Revital and Tsur


Dear Shavith and Rinat,

It was very simply wonderful for us together! Challenging and interesting, enjoyable and packed with insights for life… thank you for the opportunity to participate and for your leading it with such a wonderful atmosphere.

And to you all the participants in the workshop - it was our gain! It was such a fun group and we were happy to take part!

Have a pleasant weekend and Shabbat Shalom and to many more empowering and enjoyable experiences of parents and children together, because after all, this is what life is all about.

Rinat and Ariel

The location is charming, the atmosphere pleasant and easy going,

The good, clear and simple instruction and leadership,

Enjoyable challenging yet not impossible activities,

All these turned the shared time with my daughter into quality time with my daughter.

I understood that it should be done more often.

I understood that each of needs her space, but I also understood how alike we are.

In short – insights.

It was excellent!!


It far exceeded my expectations.

Enjoyable, interesting and challenging, it brought us closer.

There is no doubt that it will follow us into the future and something unforgettable we will remember with longing.

I am waiting for the next activity!!!


Excellent guidance!

The activities were wonderful.

I am taking home so much from this workshop… particularly the connection between my son and I.

I highly recommend it – it was excellent and effective.

Far exceeds my expectations.


Questions we get asked about "Connecting"

What do we do at the workshop?

At the workshop there are paired tasks for parent and child.

Each task is different and challenging in itself,

refining various skills that are required from us for daily communication.

The tasks are physically and mentally challenging.

A bit like the Amazing Race

Except there is no competition and we all gain… though not a million …😊

Are the activities suitable for grandparent and grandchild?

Certainly. Grandparents are invited with their grandchild

to strengthen the connection between them and enjoy shared quality time.

It is also perfect for uncles/aunts and their nieces/nephews,

big sister with younger sister

and any other combination that we might not have thought about…

Do you need to be physically fit for these activities?

The activities don’t require physical fitness,

however they are a little physically and mentally challenging,

because through challenges we learn more about ourselves.

Will the workshop restore my relationship with my son?

The workshop is not therapeutic.

It comes to strengthen existing relationships.

There are definitely empowering processes in it,

and you leave with a mutual experience,

but as with any partnership, you need to keep working on communication

so that the ties do not unravel….

Does it forge a group spirit?

The tasks are in pairs, but they are performed at the same time and next to other pairs,

so that there is of course communication between the pairs.

The goal of the workshop is not to consolidate all participants into a group

but rather to strengthen the ties between a parent and his child.

The shared experience may indeed create a connection between different participants

and of course we are very pleased when long term friendships are forged during the workshop.

What age is the workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has celebrated their 11th birthday and up.

There is no upper age limit , only a lower one.

You can come with a 20 year old daughter.

Since the tasks are in pairs and the main communication is between parent and offspring,

it really doesn’t matter how old the other participants are.

The workshop is not necessarily intended just for the Bar Mitzvah year.

Is the workshop suitable for people with disabilities?

The workshop is suitable for people with impaired sight and hearing

But we do recommend advising us in advance so that we can prepare the location.

As to motor disabilities, please do check with us specific cases.

Is it possible for a combination of more than one pair,
or a pair that are not parent and child?

You can come as a child with two parents

A parent with two children

Two parents and two children

And we have had a child with his stepfather

A grandmother with her granddaughter

And aunt and her niece

How many participants are there in the workshop?

The workshop is small and intimate.

About 10 pairs.

I can’t make it to the next planned workshop, will there be other dates?

We plan the “Connecting Workshop” approximately once in two months.

In order to be advised of the next date, you just have to follow our weekly emails.

If the date is not appropriate, you can always organize a group

and set up a date with us that suits you all.

Is the food Kosher?

Breakfast is kosher. (standard kashrut)

What do we need to bring with us?

Just bring yourselves in comfortable clothes and shoes. That’s all.

We take care of the rest.

The next workshop is on Friday


An investment of 450 NIS for two participants

DO you want to join us for an experience that will bring you two closer?

Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949

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