Would you like to spend quality time
with your daughter?

To deepen the connection between you?

Do you want to give her the tools and skills,
to choose her best path in life?

Welcome to

“Connecting in the Heart of the Desert”

Imagine …


Silence like only the desert can generate.

You and your daughter in this silence,

Listening to each other,

Feeling each other’s feelings

Talking to each other.

And within that silence

A new connection sprouts and grows,

A bond that might have been there before,

But now it is present and stable

To accompany you for many years.

Every time you remember this time,

The two days you dedicated to each other,

This bond will rise and strengthen.

What is “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert”?

This is a women’s weekend filled with interesting content, creating layered diverse connections between you and your daughter, you and yourself, your daughter and herself.

The way we see it, the Bat Mitzvah year is the beginning of adolescence during which your young daughter is searching for her own unique identity in the world. During this process, there is a need to separate from parents, and this is often expressed by the feeling of distance. This is a natural process, however, for all that, the closeness and connection with parents is extremely important; this is what provides stability, a secure basis and a role model.

During the two days, we will have in-depth workshops, each one connecting to the search for personal identity, each workshop strengthening the bond between you and your daughter.

Each workshop raises a different aspect of the connection between you, and all of the workshops are connected by a common thread.

During this weekend we will create additional connections:

We will connect to women from the past – we will be inspired to feminine empowerment.

We will connect with our intuition and inner world

We will connect with our strengths and our desires

We will connect with the silence of the desert

We will connect with nature and the earth.

What else will there be ?

Sleeping in a large secluded tent set up in an organized site

A hot dinner which we will cook on an open fire,

Pleasing meals throughout the weekend

Fun bonding workshops

A personal souvenir for all participants

Who are we?

“Beshvil” has been operating since 2007 and specializes in events and experiential tours, especially suited to the client’s needs.

We have vast experience in activities for 6th and 7th grade around the topic of Bnei Mitzvot.

Geography of Israel, nature, history and Jewish heritage are integrated into highly experiential activities, with puzzles and riddles specifically and personally adapted to the participants, enhancing the connection and empowering their shared experience.

If you are looking for a memorable value based activity ,
“Beshvil” is the perfect choice for you.

Guides and connections

Shavith Lifshitz - Founder and Director of Beshvil since 2007.
Tour guide, abseiling guide. Mother of four children and a wife.

Passionate about challenges and relentlessly seeking ways to connect experience and values.
Believes in bringing value and meaning to every action.

  Ori Shmarlovsky - Psychotherapist and psychodrama therapist (M.A.).
Works with adults, children and youth in group and individual therapies.
Instructor in psychodrama workshops combined with arts.

With curiously and admiring traveling the world and the paths of the soul,
And accompanying people on their journeys in life and within themselves.
Excited about every real and deep human encounter.


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Investment in the connecting is 1560 NIS
for mother and daughter

(It can be paid in installments, talk to us at 054-4902949)


Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949

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This is what one participant wrote about “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert”:

It was interesting, creative, exciting, moving, diverse, quality time with my daughter, reacquaintance with my own strengths, and my daughter’s, acquaintance with amazing women, breathing space to take with me on the race of life and routine.


This was written by one of the “connecting” women:

It was wonderful, I warmly recommend it!!!

I am taking so much with me – and particularly the inspiration of my daughter’s and my abilities and unique qualities.


And this from a “Connecting” woman:

It was fantastic!

It fulfilled all my needs for a break from overload, looking inwards, giving my daughter and me a time of calm, connection in the midst of the intensity of life.


And one participant wrote this:

An empowering and diverse workshop,

I gained a stronger bond with my daughter,

It was excellent! I highly recommend it.


And here is what one of the participating daughters said about “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert”:

It was Perfecttttttt… and tasty!

It was so much more than I anticipated!

I am taking with me the activities, creations and friends, maturity, joy of life, and my mother and the bond between us.


Another daughter wrote:

It was really fun and really recommended!

The activities were interesting and gave me quality time with my mother.

A good connection with my mother.


Another daughter who participated in “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert” wrote:

The activities were interesting and very different than the usual. I really, really enjoyed it.

I like the togetherness of me and my mom, and the new friends I made,

It was crazy fun; I hope everyone does it!


This too was written by a daughter who participated in “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert” wrote:

 It was fun, I really enjoyed it,

It was so beautiful, an experience and quality time with my mom.


Answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Where does the activity take place?

It takes place in an enclosed site , in a large tent near Sde Boker, about half an hour south of Beer Sheva.

Is “Connecting in the Heart of the Desert” suitable for a grandmother and her granddaughter?

Of course, grannies and granddaughters are welcome to strengthen the bond between them and enjoy shared quality time. A Grand Mother is still a mother, so “bonding between mother and daughter” is still true for a grandmother… but it’s also great for an aunt and her niece, a big and little sister, and any other combinations we may not have thought of…

Is there a lot of walking included in the activities?

 No!! All the activities are centered around the tent. There in no walking at all. There is only one activity that requires walking a short distance from the tent and back.

What do we bring to this activity?

You just bring yourselves, in comfortable clothes, warm clothes for the evening, a sheet, sleeping bag or blanket, toiletries and that’s it. We take care of all the rest.

How do we get to the tent?

You get there in your own personal cars.

We will create a WhatsApp group close to the time of the workshop and you can then work out shared transport.


The next date


Investment in the connecting is 1560 NIS
for mother and daughter

(It can be paid in installments, talk to us at 054-4902949)


Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949

phone number

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