Do you want to spend some time
with your daughter?

How would you like to be a source of inspiration to her, and serve as a role model?

Would you like to give her the skills that will enable her to choose the path of life that is right for her?

Welcome to
the “Journey of Heroines”

What is the Journey of Heroines?

It is a journey of women’s empowerment for girls and their mothers,
In the footsteps of admirable women who played a crucial part in Jewish and Israeli history.

During this excursion the participants will become acquainted with the life stories of five women, their decision and the choices they made in their lives, to become heroines.

At each stop, in addition to the story of the heroine, tasks will be integrated that will strengthen the bond between mother and daughter.

At the very last stop you will meet the heroine who will officiate at the closing ceremony at which the girls will be given a souvenir with a personal message.


What happens on the Heroine’s Journey for mothers and daughters?

Who are we?

“Beshvil” has been operating since 2007 and specializes in events and experiential tours, especially suited to the client’s needs.

We have vast experience in activities for 6th and 7th grade around the topic of Bnei Mitzvot.

Geography of Israel, nature, history and Jewish heritage are integrated into highly experiential activities, with puzzles and riddles specifically and personally adapted to the participants, enhancing the connection and empowering their shared experience.

If you are looking for a memorable value based activity , “Beshvil” is the perfect choice for you.

The next Journey of Heroines
is on Tuesday the 31th of March 2020


Price for mother and daughter:

1560 nis 

780 x 2 installments

(If you need to break it down to more installments, talk to us by phone)


Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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This is what one of the participants wrote after taking this trip with her daughter:

It was excellent, way beyond all expectations! Worth every minute. It is an additional pleasure that a diverse group becomes a consolidated group during the trip, and feel like “neighborhood pals”.

If this is what happens on a one day excursion, what can happen in three days?

Efrat Weisblum

This was also written by a participant after our mother - daughter excursion:

I loved the shared experience, the attention to every detail on the trip, I felt like a guest and I enjoyed every minute. The activities are diverse, they break the ice amongst the participants. Plenty of humor, it was wonderful.

Ayala Bardian

And this:

I loved the attention of the team to all the details, the planning of content, the timing and the refreshments. The guidance is professional, precise, interesting and enriching.

The activities are wonderful, empowering and challenging.

It’s a must must must !

Vered Cohen

And this one:

I want to recommend great quality time with your Bat Mitzvah girl, on “Beshvil”’s “Heroines” trip. It is a long day, and every effort is made to make the activities great, with treats and a lot of thought around the stations connected to heroines and trail blazers in Jewish and Israeli history.

All the activities and the content were fun and enjoyable for both mother and daughter, along with the values of each heroine, generosity, creativity and independence. Etc.

Maya and I enjoyed ourselves and it will be a unique memory for years to come.

Truly recommended


A letter we received the morning after the Mother and daughter heroine excursion:

Our heartfelt thanks for the incredible experience I had together with my daughter Shira.

I am very excited and thrilled and I can’t stop telling everyone I am in contact with and praising the amazing day we spent together. You thought of every single detail and that’s fantastic, the journey of heroines gives such great added value, that we will remember it for years to come.

Happy new year thank you again,

With all my heart

Hila and Shira Keinan

And yet another letter received the morning after the Journey of Heroines from mother and daughter:

Good morning to you,

Noga and I enjoyed it very much, it was a very unique experience and very empowering. I am sure that these memories will arise along the way and have an impact on the coming period and further ahead.

Thank you,

Keep going with your unique work,

Ofra Einmar

Another letter received the morning after the Journey of Heroines from mother and daughter

Good morning to you wonderful women,

Thank you for the unforgettable experience my granddaughter and I had. Stavush was a little disgruntled about her cellular phone being taken, but she admitted that it helped her connect with the girls and made the experience far more empowering.

Of course we will recommend this huge experience

Sending you a loving hug


:Questions we frequently are asked

Is this excursion suited to grandmothers and their granddaughters?

Of course! Grandmothers and their granddaughters are invited to strengthen the bond between them and enjoy quality time together. Grand-mothers are mothers, so the definition of mother and daughter, is of course applicable to any grand mother and daughter… but it is also great for aunts and their nieces, big and little sister, and any other combination that we simply hadn’t thought of before…..

Is there a lot of walking on this trip?

NO!! This is a trip that is mobile. We travel by bus from site to site. At each site there is experiential activity that serves to connect mother and daughter. The longest walk is 8 minutes in each direction, and it’s an easy walk.

What do we need to bring on the trip?

You need to bring yourselves wearing comfortable clothes, a hat and shoes. That’s it.
We take care of all the rest.

It’s expensive for me, what can I do?

The trip is really on a very high standard.

Apart from the valuable content that you get on the trip,
you also get a whole lot of real things…

All the food, the refreshments, treats and surprises during the day, (even the water which you need not bring). There is a belly dancing workshop, a meeting with Druze women, each girl gets a valuable personal gift, and each girl gets a souvenir, both get a personal memento for the trip and all member get a symbolic gift. An entire day, (about 14 hours), with excellent guides, private transport all along the way, an accompanying photographer (so you can spend the time together and not worry about documenting the trip) including insurance for the activities. We have chosen to give you everything! And to enrich the program, pamper you with everything around so that you get the most out of this day.

If you would like to forgo the content, but still want the activities, you can organize a class group, or a group from your area, and you decide what to include, based on your budget.

The next Journey of Heroines
in on Tuesday the 31th of March 2020


Price for mother and daughter:

1560 nis 

780 x 2 installments

(If you need to break it down to more installments, talk to us by phone)


Fill in your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949

phone number

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