Welcome to a once in
a lifetime expedition

When was the last time you spent
quality time with your adolescent,
just the two of you?

Without work, without WhatsApp,
no Facebook no Instagram,
no Musically or Snapchat?

Come along on an unforgettable bonding experience!


The excursion of “Beshvil (for) Maturity - Developing for Life” is an empowering journey

for child and parent and the connection between them.

Two days of challenging enjoyment in the Judean Desert,

Without cellphones, without jobs, without distractions,

Just you and your child.

If you have two days to devote to your adolescent,

This is the journey that will transform them into an unforgettable experience.


I decided not to hold back on anything for this journey,

because I would like you to get the most out of it.

The expedition includes everything, A-L-L of it, so that you can enjoy every minute:

  • All the meals so that you won’t be hungry and will be able to focus on the activities,
    the scenery and each other.

  • Sleeping in an organized guest site so that you sleep well
    before climbing Masada at dawn.

  • An accompanying bus so that you can connect during the trip
    and won’t be driving home tired.

  • An accompanying photographer so that you can experience the moment,
    without worrying about documenting it.
    The pictures that you get – I promise, you will enjoy looking at again and again,
    and the memories will make you smile each time…
  • Rappling to challenge you with something you don’t do every day.
    This is an opportunity to overcome fear and prove to yourselves
    that you are capable of doing anything you want to do.

  • And of course, content that is suitable for adolescents,
    presented in a particularly enjoyable manner.

The number of places on this excursion is limited so as to create an intimate group,

to ensure there is a place for everyone to participate in discussions and activities,

so no one is left out and all will get full attention.

Before you join this important journey, it’s important to know-

This is not a journey intended to address problems.

I don’t promise that right after the trip all the fights and arguments and mutual complaints

will disappear.

I can tell you however, that this journey will strengthen your bond with your child

and will create topics for discussion for many years in the future,

and experiences you will enjoy reliving again and again,

but I would rather that you discover that on your own….

What is included in this journey of son/daughter with Father/mother?

What is “Beshvil (for) Maturity – Developing for Life”?

“Beshvil (for) Maturity – Developing for Life” is a two day enjoyable adventurous excursion,

that combines physical, mental and intellectual challenges, hikes, history and tradition.

This journey includes group, duo and personal tasks by means of

which your boys and girls will gain blessings that will serve them as adults.

We consider this journey a kind initiation, a rite of passage from childhood to maturity.

At the end of the journey you will get to know your child even better,

and they will get to know you better,

and most importantly they will get to know themselves,

their strengths and those areas they need to strengthen.

They will connect with their passion and desires

as they march towards their lives as adults,

knowing they are in control of their own lives.


Who is this excursion suitable for?

Parents of children from 6th grade and up, who want to become closer,

and create a significant mutual experience.

Mother and daughter, mother and son, father and daughter, father and son,

parent and two children (they don’t have to be twins..)

who like to hike but are not necessarily practiced walkers.

People and children who want to get to know other great people from all over the country

and make new friends.

The next Journey
is on the 8th-9th of May 2020


Price for child and parent:

2830 nis

944X3 installments

(If you need to break it down to more installments,
talk to us by phone)


Want to join us for a once in a lifetime experience?

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Who are we?

“Beshvil” has been operating since 2007 and specializes in events and experiential tours, especially suited to the client’s needs.

We have vast experience in activities for 6th and 7th grade around the topic of Bnei Mitzvot.

Geography of Israel, nature, history and Jewish heritage are integrated into highly experiential activities, with puzzles and riddles specifically and personally adapted to the participants, enhancing the connection and empowering their shared experience.

If you are looking for a memorable value based activity , “Beshvil” is the perfect choice for you.

What did say customers that already went on a journey with us?

A Father who made the journey with his son:

Hi Shavith, Inbal and the whole fabulous team,

I want to express my appreciation from the bottom of my heart, for the experience we had on “Beshvil Maturity”, at the end of May 2016.

Despite the fact that I had been on a number of similar social events, I haven’t so far, been at one that is so precise and perfect. It was like a masterpiece of every meaningful details, from both the aspect of the activities, and the values.

You managed to enthuse us all, despite the difficulties of some, and perhaps some fixed perceptions, that were simply broken through.

This journey was not just our own private adventure, it has impacted and will continue to impact many of the circles around us, and this is an added value of your work.

So in the meantime goodbye, till I see you again on the next excursion with the younger brother.

Yours, Gil

A mother who went on the journey with her daughter:

Anyone who wasn’t there will find it hard to grasp the power of the experience….!

Such value filled quality time for a parent and child, in the company of other amazing parents and children who were looking for something that offered added value, to mark the passage from childhood to maturity, led by a team that is motivated from the depth of their souls and hearts… and this was apparent throughout the entire trip… indeed something that is hard to find these days! In retrospect I can say that I couldn’t have found a better way to mark this important transition in my daughter’s life. Shavith, Inbal and Lital you are incredible!!! Thank you, thank you and again thank you.

Nirit Tannenbaum

A mom who went on the trip with her twin daughters:

So what did we have here?

Two exciting, value filled, challenging, surprising, funny and innovating days.

Thank you Shavith, Inbal and Lital, the Beshvil Team, for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey of parent and child, which included amongst other things, a challenging hike in Nahal Og, climbing the snake path to Masada at dawn, rappling in Nahal Tamar and a whole lot of other surprising adventures, which made the excursion a journey of life.

Shira, Noga and I returned excited and thrilled and very satisfied. At least till the next Masada. I highly recommend it !!

Anat Harel

:A father who went on the journey with his daughter

My daughter and I got a gift for life

Asher Bibes

A girl who went on the journey with her mom:

Amazing, perfect, I am not asking you – just go on their trip!!!


A girl who went on the trip with her mother:

It was perfect, I recommend going, I also want to do it again


A mother who went with her twin daughters:

The guides were so much more than anticipated, humane, gentle, an excellent rapport between them. You were so attentive and very very well organized.

Ofra Avraham

A mother who went with her daughter on the journey:

Dear Shavith and Inbal! I am still slowly digesting what we went through this past weekend. I thank you from the depth of my heart that you enabled Yuval and I to experience something so empowering together, there is nothing like it, leaving our routine, facing challenges ( I did rappling and I slept in a tent), spending time with wonderful people. Your attention to every single detail and intelligent planning of the route plus your generous giving, your sincerity and truth – all made this an unforgettable weekend.


Atalya and Yuval

A mother who went on the journey with her daughter:

Shavith – we wanted to tell you again, well done and many thanks for an extraordinary experience. We are still floating… Thanks to Inbal, Shahar and Lital and the lovely group. We are proud to have left our comfort zone to experience something new, with people we didn’t know, and we really profited big time! (Proud of the rappling). Have a great week everyone.


Questions we are often asked

Is this suitable for a grandparent and grandchild?

Of course. Grandparents and grandchildren are also welcome to strengthen the bond between them and enjoy quality time together. It is also suited to aunts and uncles with their nieces and nephews, big sister little sister and perhaps any other combination we haven’t thought of ….

Is there a lot of walking?

There isn’t a lot of walking, but it is challenging walking.

Climbing up ladders and down water falls and the most challenging – climbing Masada on the snake path.

What do we need to bring with us on the trip?

You need to bring yourselves, comfortable clothing, a hat, comfortable walking shoes,
a bathing suit, toiletries and a sleeping bag. That’s it. The rest we take care of.

Isn’t it too hot to hike in the desert?

The chosen routes are suitable during all seasons of the year.
Nahal Og is mostly shaded, the most exposed part is at the end of the route, going downwards, about 15 minutes of walking.

Ein Feshkha – splashing in the cold springs, if not when it’s hot then when?

Climbing Masada at dawn, there is no sun and it is not hot.

Nahal Tamar – is a short route in the shade. Even waiting for rappling we wait in the shade.

I am uncomfortable going on a journey with strangers

When was the last time you connected with strangers who are not in your first circle of acquaintance? Not just getting to know them, but really connecting. This journey not only connects parents and children but also to others in the group, This is a very quick connection because there is so much in common to all the participants. The love of hiking, of Israel, the wish to spend quality time with their teenager, similar values and so many links that are discovered during the journey. New lifetime friendships are generated between the adults and the boys and girls. Travelling together in the bus makes for immediate contact, and the challenges of the journey are etched in the memory of every participant and serve as a basis for reliving these memories long after the excursion is over.

Are the tasks I saw in the video the ones that will be on the trip?

Yes, but not only… there are additional surprises!

It’s expensive, what can we do?

This excursion is of a very high standard.

Over and above the content value you gain on the trip, you also get a lot materially speaking. All the food, the snacks, the treats, and the surprises during the day (you don’t even have to bring water), sleeping arrangements at an organized site, rappling, the Bedouin meal, a valuable gift for each child and a souvenir for them and a small token for each participant. Two whole days with exceptional guides, content, great activities including insurance for the activities.

We have chosen to give you all this so that you will get as much as possible out of these two days together. If you don’t want to forgo the content but want to lower the costs, you can organize a group of classmates or neighbors and choose what you want to include in the day – based on your budget.

The next Journey 
is on the 8th-9th of May 2020


Price for child and parent:

2830 nis

944X3 installments 

(If you need to break it down to more installments,
talk to us by phone)


Want to join us for a once in a lifetime experience?

Fill in your details and we will get back to you
as soon as possible.

Or call 054-9982258, 054-4902949


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